The education program at The 2017 Canadian will run on Tuesday, February 28, Wednesday, March 1 and Thursday, March 2 from 8:00 - 5:00 PM on Tuesday and Thursday.  Wednesday will have afternoon education sessions from 1:00 PM - 5:00 pm. All education sessions will be held at the Victoria Conference Centre.

As part of the CGSA Redesign process we listened to what topics were of importance to turf managers.  You'll see the leadership, business and human resources management topics incorporated throughout the program alongside some key turf sessions as well.

Here is a printable list of conference topics and continuing education credits.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Confirmed sessions* include:

Hire Smart the First Time
Presented by: Patrick R. Finlen, CGCS, They Olympic Club 

Engage with industry leaders and learn practical, proven methods to find the right person for all of the roles in your department.  As budgets get smaller, talent and fit in an organization become even more important in today's competitive market.  Learn how to attract and secure candidates to fit the culture of your golf facility and generate long term success. 

This session is geared toward team involvement, encouraging all leadership team members to attend including Superintendents, Assistants, Equipment Managers, Crew Leaders and those in leadership at your facility.  The session will be centered on a list of the Top 10 ways to hire smart.  Presentation will include case studies and relevant stories.  Samples and templates of best hiring practices will be available.

Success Doesn't Come From Being Lucky - Keynote Address
Presented by Jill Philmon, CCM, CCE, Ballantyne Country Club

Hear what it takes to become a recognized and respected leader in your chosen profession.  Jill Philmon has risen through the ranks to become the General Manager/COO of the Ballantyne Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She is President of the CMAA and is a member of the P - 10 Mastermind Group.  This group of industry professionals uses the collective power, the Power of Ten, of networking for personal improvement and enhancing their individual professional skills.

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before and we all need to be professionally and personally equipped with skills that can help prepare us to be successful and sustainable in the future.  Have the context and challenges of leading today changed so dramatically that we need to consider a radically different approach?  How will we find, select, teach, grow, elect and promote our leaders of the future?  During this 60-minute session, Jill will share the skills that she believes have helped her to be successful through the years, tips for succeeding and keeping your members and staff engaged and lastly how to still be high touch in a world of technology.  

High Tech-Low Budget
Presented by: Jason Haines, Pender Harbour Golf Club

This session will explore some big technology on a minimalist budget.  High tech productivity tools don't need to break your budget.  This presentation will share how one facility has come into the 21st century for almost no money.  You will also learn how to effectively collect information with digital tools.  Gain knowledge on how technology can help or hinder your operation and how to make use of free digital tools to improve productivity.

5 Characteristics of a Weak Leader (and how to avoid being one)
Presented by: Steve Keating, CSE, The Toro Company

Learn the key characteristics of a good leader and how to employ them to become the leadership you want (and need) to be. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Confirmed sessions* include:

Ryder Cup Experience - From Growing Grass to Reality
Presented by: Chris Tritabaugh, Hazeltine National Golf Club

Drones A - Z 
Presented by: Thomas Bastis, CGCS, California Golf Club and Paul Robertson, Victoria Golf Club


Green is the New Black - Better Budgeting and Financial Outcomes
Presented by:  Jenifer Bartman, CPA, CA, CMC

Many organizations have people with strong technical or service backgrounds, but limited finance knowledge.  This can present challengers, when finance related tasks that are part of managing any organization, such as budgeting, monitoring, and improving financial performance, are undertaken.  Leaders ad their teams have an opportunity to increase their financial knowledge to make their work easier and improve results, for the benefit of all involved.  This session will provide a plain language understanding of how the budgeting, forecasting and financial analysis processes "work", that can be utilized to improve departmental and organizational performance.  Having this skill set can set individuals apart from their peer group, in terms of both ability and career advancement.  


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Confirmed sessions* include:

Putting Your Best Foot Forward - Being Prepared for In Person and Online Interviews and Presentations
Presented by: Jon Kiger, Turf Net

The adage 'you only get one chance to make a first impression" is certainly true in the golf maintenance industry.  This session will help attendees learn to be more organized and confident when interviewing or presenting to their club.  Tips on advance preparation to ensure a smooth interview will be presented.

The Seven Characteristics of Successful Superintendents
Presented by:  Rob Witherspoon, DCS & Associates

What is the difference between an ordinary career and an extraordinary career?  After forty years working with leading Canadian and international industry professionals, Rob has identified seven key characteristics of successful superintendents.  Whether you are just beginning in the industry or are a seasoned veteran, this session will provide ideas and actions to inspire and guide you towards a more successful and satisfying career and life.

Hire, Motivate and Mentor Millenials....And All Employees
Presented by: Bruce Mayhew, Bruce Mayhew Consulting

Millennials want work/life balance, anonymity, flexibility, a learning environment and supportive leadership.  As a leader you want hard-working, creative and loyal employees.  Imagine having a job interview process that measures (and can predict) a candidates success.  This session shares how to communicate with, motivate and mentor all employees - including Millennials to encourage effective, productive, creative and happy workspaces.

Cover What You Can  - What To Include in Your Contract
Presented by: Deborah Cushing, Lawson Lundell LLP

Employment agreements set out the terms and conditions of employment for the benefit of both the employee and the employer.  This session will review provisions that may be used in enforceable employment agreements for golf course managers and other non-union employees.  Particular attention will be paid to termination of employment and severance provisions.  You will learn and understand when to use an employment agreement; identify terms and conditions that should be included in an employment agreement and understand notice of termination and severance provisions and whether they will be enforced by the courts. 

Email Etiquette: Habits to Demonstrate Professionalism and Save Time
Presented by: Bruce Mayhew, Bruce Mayhew Consulting

We've all hit "reply all" when only one recipient is needed; used email when a phone call would quickly answer the question; written an email that someone believed was hostile and / or bossy.....the list goes on and on.  Imagine spending less time reading and writing email while feeling more confident building your professional reputation.  This session explores the best approaches for working professionally and productively.  

Is Plant Health for Real?:  Proactively Keeping Annual Bluegrass Alive
Presented by:  Aaron Hathaway, Michigan State University


Other speakers and sessions are still being confirmed and will be added once received.

*Speakers, times and presentation topics are subject to change.