Redeveloping the CGSA - Working with the BCGSA

December 9th, 2015

In October, the CGSA released the data from the association's summer stakeholder consultation sessions. It has been working since then to capitalize on the insights garnered during that process. As noted in the earlier release, "The insights gathered strongly suggested that the time for competing with provincial associations is over." During lengthy discussions in Jasper prior to the CGSA Fall Field Day, the Board of Directors decided on a course of action that would be, "... focused on future provincial/national relationships based on a model of cooperation and complementarity." Achieving this ultimate goal of creating progressive and productive working relationships with provincial organizations, "...will require individual approaches that meet the needs of the province - each province is different and will require a different approach."

Following the September meetings, the British Columbia Golf Superintendents Association (BCGSA) and the CGSA have looked at how to grow their relationship to better serve superintendents, golf course management professionals and the entire golf industry in B.C. and across Canada. After meeting with representatives from its five regions in mid-November, the BCGSA Board of Directors has unanimously agreed to "...move forward together (with the CGSA) to build a cooperative relationship of mutual benefit." Both parties agree that this relationship could include the CGSA and BCGSA working cooperatively rather than competitively to deliver provincial services, combining fees and combining administration to improve efficiency.

An agreement has been reached to implement changes that are mutually beneficial in the areas of:

  • Dues billing;
  • Partnership in staging future national events in British Columbia;
  • Working together to provide CGSA representation at BCGSA provincial and regional meetings;
  • Sharing of information and expertise in the areas of policy development, advocacy, government relations, and event and association management and;
  • Corporate involvement in both organizations.

Included among other areas being worked on are:

  • Joint efforts in the area of advocacy and government relations at the provincial and national levels;
  • Coordinated programs that help profile the superintendent profession and its contribution to the success of a facility;
  • Updates and changes to the delivery of an accreditation program that is based on comprehensive "national occupational standards", improved access, and a focus on a system of recognizing professionals that are committed to ongoing professional development.

There are no plans to change the mandate of the BCGSA or CGSA, alter the structure of either Board of Directors or effect the autonomy, regional identity, staffing or financial arrangement under which the organizations currently operate.

Redeveloping the CGSA -Moving Forward

The CGSA Board of Directors is continuing to work with Dr. Don Barclay to identify opportunities to establish a solid association with a national brand. Tentative decisions reflecting the needs of members and prospective members are being turned into action-oriented decisions over the next three to twelve months. The decisions will result in a sound financial model for the future success of the CGSA. The BCGSA agreement is a first step.

Expect to see announcements on: changes to the 2017 Canadian Golf Course Management Conference in terms of timing and location; decisions as to how conference delegates and industry interact; the approach to delivering education and the content delivered; how certification will be made available; and the national efforts being made to profile the profession, provide support for advocacy efforts, and deliver information to assist superintendents and their facilities.

For more information on the CGSA and its many initiatives, programs and services, please contact Ken Cousineau at kcousineau [at] golfsupers [dot] com or 416-626-8873, ext. 222.