Ontario Government's Clarification on Turf & Maintenance

March 26th, 2020

There has now been written confirmation from the Ontario Government clarifying the list of essential workplaces and how that relates directly to the turf & maintenance team members. The Government has confirmed that turf maintenance teams are able to maintain their properties over the next 14 days.

All work on the grounds that staff are doing must be justified as essential property maintenance to preserve, protect and prevent damage to the property AND all precautionary measures MUST be in place during this critical time; including social distancing, hand washing, workspace cleaning, etc. It was noted that it is imperative to only have staff doing what is essential for the golf course property (for instance removal of tarps off greens, necessary turf cutting, etc.).

Section 1 (2) of the Order in Council that was signed by the Lieutenant Governor confirms:

1(2) Despite subsection (1), temporary access to a closed place of business that is not listed in Schedule 2 is authorized, unless otherwise prohibited by any applicable law, for the purposes of,

(a) performing work at the place of business in order to comply with any applicable law;

(b) allowing for inspections, maintenance and repairs to be carried out at the place of business;

(c) allowing for security services to be provided at the place of business;


(d) attending at the place of business temporarily,

(i) to deal with other critical matters relating to the closure of the place of business, if the critical matters cannot be attended to remotely; or

(ii) to access materials, goods or supplies that may be necessary for the business to be operated remotely.

Please continue to take all health and safety precautions recommended by public health for both yourself and your staff team.

This information was passed on to us from the NGCOA Canada and their allied partners in Ontario.