Compensation Survey

The Results of the 2019 CGSA Compensation Survey are now Complete and Available. 

The “2019 Compensation Survey”  was  sent to  approximately 416 CGSA members.  We received 162 responses  (39%).  

Each respondent did not answer every question;   therefore, all numbers will not  add up to 162.  The data is valid as of December 31,  2019.

The 2019 survey has been e-mailed out to all CGSA Superintendent members (a value of $150) and is available for other CGSA membership categories to purchase for $50.00 plus HST and Non-Members for a price of $150.00 plus HST. For a copy of this order form, please click here.

You can also order a custom report from CGSA. Member rate is: $125.00, plus HST and Non-Members pay $250.00 plus HST.

For a copy of the order form, please click the order form link: Custom Order Form, and include the specific information that you would like included in your custom report with your order form.

If you have any questions, or you did not receive the e-mail of the survey, please contact Lori Micucci at 1-800-387-1056 / 416-626-8873 ext. 27, or by e-mail at: lmicucci [at] golfsupers [dot] com.