Professional Designations

Two CGSA Board of directors receive their accreditation during the Canadian 2018 golf course management conference in Quebec city.

Top photo is from left, Alberta Director, Dustin Zdan, AGS Superintendent of the Connaught Golf Club in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Jim Flett, AGS Immediate Past President and Superintendent from Muskoka Lakes Golf & C.C. in Ontario and our new President, Kendall Costain, MS, Master Superintendent and Director of Operations from the Westfield Golf and Country Club in New Brunswick. Dustin received his Accredited Golf Superintendent (AGS) Designation and presented with his AGS pin and Kendall Costain, received his Master Superintendent (MS) Designation and was presented with his MS pin on Wednesday, February, 28, 2018 in Quebec City.

Bottom photo is Jim presenting Kendall with his Master Superintendent (MS) pin.

Congratulations to Dustin & Kendall on this outstanding achievement!

History of CGSA’s Professional Designation Program:

In 1987 the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) introduced the Master Superintendent® accreditation program. Seven years later, in 1994, an exam was developed to go along with the Master Superintendent® program.

In 1998 the CGSA took another major step toward establishing professional development as a keystone of the organization with the development and adoption of the National Occupational Standards (NOS). These standards encompassed nine responsibilities of the superintendent, identified 52 competencies that a superintendent should possess and outlined 159 behaviours and skills required to perform the professional responsibilities of a superintendent at the highest level.

A 2001 survey of members expressed strong support for the implementation of a continuing education requirement for CGSA members. Subsequent to that survey, discussions were held by the CGSA Board of Directors and a decision was made to seek further member input through regional focus groups. Subsequent to a roundtable discussion in 2004, the CGSA Professional Development and Research Committee was asked to develop a model and an implementation plan for a continuing education program for CGSA for consideration by the Board of Directors at its September 2004 meetings.

That report and recommendations were presented to the Board of Directors at its September 2004 meeting. The outcomes of the Board discussions were presented to the membership at the January 2005 Annual General Meeting as a proposed continuing education and professional development program for the CGSA.

The Program encompassed an updated Master Superintendent® program and a new Accredited Golf Superintendent™ program. The AGS® program was launched in July 2006 and now boasts over 100 members who have achieved their AGS® designation. The MS™ program boasts 23 members who have achieved this designation.

Master Superintendent

The Canadian Golf Superintendents Association Master Superintendent (MS) designation is available to member superintendents with a minimum of eight years experience as a superintendent. For more information click here.

Accredited Golf Superintendent

The Accredited Golf Superintendent (AGS) designation was approved at the Annual General Meeting in January 2005. The designation was implemented in July 2006 and is available to CGSA member superintendents with at least five years experience as a superintendent. For more information click here.

Accredited Assistant Golf Superintendent

If you’re an Assistant Superintendent; why not challenge yourself? Effective July 1, 2011 the Accredited Golf Superintendent™ (AGS®) exam will be available to CGSA Assistant Superintendent members. Click here for more information.