Competency Levels

The link for each block of the NOS DACUM Chart is provided below. Each block description includes the competency levels for each skill.

Please keep the following information in mind when reviewing the Competency Levels:

  • The emphasis for each aspect of the standards is on the general - there are always exceptions to the guidelines;
  • Superintendents should have equal access to the standards and equal ability to achieve the standards regardless of the type, size or location of the golf facility at which they are employed;
  • The basic level represents the skill set required by a practicing superintendent with a focus on practical/day-to-day knowledge;
  • The emphasis of the standards at all levels is to be objective and to keep each competency and each level measurable
  • The blocks, competencies and levels are simple and easy to understand;
  • DACUM chart users need to understand that a person can be at a different level for each skill, and;
  • The levels are progressive; each level builds on the last until all criteria are met.


Progressive levels

  • Basic (familiar with skill set and knowledge)
  • Intermediate (building on basic, application and working knowledge of skill sets)
  • Advanced (ongoing development of intermediate application of skill sets)
  Basic Intermediate Advanced
Level of Technical Knowledge



Normal/average conditions



All situations (normal/average/exceptions)



All situations (normal/average/exceptions/extreme)

Different climatic zones

Complexity of Work

Straight Forward routine skills


Applied self-directed technical skills

Management skills developing

Routine and non-routine skills

Increasing complexity

An innovator

A big picture person

Creative recommendations

Mulit-factors at work


Exceptional/Catastrophic situation skills

Level of Autonomy Directed e.g. owner, general manager, regional supervisor Self-directed but under direction of course guidelines

Co-determine future

Recognized as an authority within club and within profession

Asked for advise/mentor

Resource or reference person Internal/Exteranal Consultant

Level of Responsibility Day to day Course Management - seasonally Course leadership (future oriented)
Typical Working Experience 1-3 years 3-9 years 10 + years

Competency Levels by Block
Block A - Golf Course Turfgrass Management
Block B - Golf Course Management Planning
Block C - Golf Course Administration
Block D - Golf Course Irrigation Management
Block E - Golf Course Environmental Management
Block F - Golf Course Construction and Renovation
Block G - Golf Course Property Management
Block H - Golf Course Equipment Management
Block I - Golf Course Health and Safety

For the complete Competency Level Document click here.