Provincial Pest Control Legislation

The following links provide the full text of each of the provincial Acts and related regulations pertaining to the use of pest control products within each of the provincial jurisdictions.

Newfoundland - Pest control products are regulated under the Newfoundland Environmental Protection Act, Section IX and the Pestides Control Regulation, 2003.

Prince Edward Island - Pesticides are regulated in Prince Edward Island under the Pesticides Control Act and related Regulations.

Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia regulates the use of pesticides with the Environment Act, Part VII and the regulations passed under the Environment Act for Pesticides.

New Brunswick - the New Brunswick Act regulating pesticides is the Pesticides Control Act and the Pesticide Control Act Regulations

Quebec - Quebec pesticides related legislation can be found at the Quebec Legislative website at P-9.3A

Ontario - The availability and use of pest control products in Ontario is regulated under the Ontario Pesticides Act.

Manitoba - Manitoba has passed the Pesticides and Fertilizers Control Act and regulations related to Licensing and Spraying Equipment

Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan has both a Pest Control Act and a Pest Control Products (Saskatchewan) Act and related Regulations.

Alberta - In Alberta the use and availability of pest control products is regulated under the following legislation:

British Columbia - The availability and use of pest control products in British Columbia is governed by the British Columbia Integrated Pest Management Act.

Northwest Territories - Pesticide use and availability in the Northwest Territories is governed by the Pesticides Act and its Regulations.

Yukon - The Yukon Environment Act, Part 10 and the Environment Act Pesticides Regulation govern pesticides in the Yukon.