Membership Promotions

pro-rated membership is back!
New members still receive early bird rate to attend our conference

Join the CGSA now and pay 1/2 price.  Any new member that has joined the CGSA from March 2019 to March 2020 will receive $150 off an All-Access registration to The Canadian 2020 Golf Course Management Conference in Ottawa from March 1-5, 2020.

To join on-line, click here:  or download the 2019-2020 Pro-Rated Membership Application, click here.

To register for The Canadian and receive the $150 off your registration, please contact the CGSA office for the coupon code or download the Registration Form, click here and mail, fax or e-mail it to the CGSA office (see information below).

Example of savings for a new Superintendent joining and registering for the All-Access conference:

Pro-rated Superintendent Member pays: $188.50 plus tax
All Access package – “New Member” Early Bird Rate is $559.00 - $150.00 with New Members Paying $409.00 plus tax

Total for both membership & conference registration would be: $597.50 plus tax
You are now saving $538.00

The non-member rate to attend the conference is: $959.00.

Canadian Golf Superintendents Association
2605 Summerville Court, Unit #A2082
Mississauga, Ontario L4X 0A2 Canada 

Fax: 416-626-1958   E-Mail cgsa [at] golfsupers [dot] com
Tel: 1-800-387-1056 / 416-626-8873

CGSA Staff can be reached at:

Jeff Calderwood, Executive Director ex. 24
Lori Micucci, Manager, Member Services ex. 27
Kathryn Wood, Chief Operating Officer ex. 23
Barb Manifold, Business Development and Trade Show ex. 25

Any questions on Membership, please contact Lori



It's a Cinch to Win with CGSA's Membership
Recruit-A-Member Campaign!

The Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) introduces the Fall recruitment campaign. This a great opportunity for you to help us build a stronger voice for CGSA within the superintendent community.

Recruit a new or returning member that fits within the criteria* below by December 21, 2019 and as a thank you CGSA will provide you with an upgrade to the Premium member benefit package.  Please note:   Some additional benefits you will enjoy include:

  • Saving an additional 10% discount on conference and events
  • Annual copy of the CGSA Membership Directory
  • CGSA Merchandise
  • Access to CGSA memberperks program that provides discounts from leading brand name companies with thousands of personal savings for you
  • Receive CGSA’s NEW HumanaCare Service which provides free, confidential support and counselling for individuals and their families experiencing work-life challenges

Recruit more than one member and your name will go into a draw to win an “All-Access” conference registration to The Canadian 2020 Golf Course Management Conference taking place in Ottawa Ontario from March 1-5, 2020.

The stronger our membership, the more effectively we can deliver member benefits and represent your best interests.  The benefits derived for both you and your facility from being a CGSA member are far greater in value than the annual cost of membership. If your assistant or equipment technician are not members, consider a membership for these key staff.

Some of the key benefits NEW members receive in the “Essential” package include:

  • Savings through our Golfmax Purchasing Program that far exceed the cost in dues
  • Member rates for conference and events – New Members save even more on an All – Access conference registration in their first year
  • Accreditation Programs
  • Awards and Scholarship Programs
  • National Tournament Championship access & recognition
  • Quarterly GreenMaster magazine, weekly and monthly newsletters, on-line membership directory
  • Job Search, Surveys, Advocacy and much more

There are additional membership benefits options available to new members wishing to upgrade to either the Premium or Ultimate benefit package by visiting for a full list.

We have included the link to the 2019-2020 Membership Application form which includes a spot for the new member to put your name under Who Referred You to CGSA?, simply click HERE to download a copy of the membership application form.

So please get involved! Do your part and help recruit a new member in 2019, you will have done a great service for your profession.

NOTE: * Criteria for this promotion:

New or Returning member must fit within the following membership categories: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Golf Course Maintenance, Golf Equipment Technician, Industry Affiliate, and Associate.

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Micucci at: 1-800-387-1056/416-626-8873, ext. 27, or by e-mail at lmicucci [at] golfsupers [dot] com ">lmicucci [at] golfsupers [dot] com at the CGSA office.



The Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) is now offering three benefit options, providing more customization to meet the varied preferences of its members. Starting now, you can join by selecting whichever one of these benefit options best meets your own needs. 

JOIN THE CGSA TODAY by completing the 2019-2020 Membership Application Form. In addition to the normal membership dues, which had been reduced to meet the requests of those with tighter budgets, we have introduced two other packages of enhanced member services for those who want more from their CGSA membership. To see the outline of member Benefits, please click HERE.

For those who chose the Premium & Ultimate benefit packages in 2018-19 we heard they loved the extra benefits including memberperks which is offered Venngo. 

Venngo is North America’s largest provider of private discount programs.  With thousands of perks redeemable at hundreds of locations, there is a little something for everyone – at work, home and on the go. The average user can save $1,000 or more in this program.  

Examples of savings through the memberperks program are: movie tickets, sporting and concert tickets through Tickets at Work, car rental of 25% through Budget, restaurant discounts at your favourite restaurants, clothing discounts to bigger savings like home and auto insurance through the Co-operators (huge savings) as well as savings of 50% off a gym membership for you and your family members to enjoy through GoodLife. These are just some of the savings our members have taken advantage of.

Testimonials: the average savings per user is $1,000 a year!  This pays for your membership dues and upgrade right there!

HumanaCare has just been added to the Premium and Ultimate packages in September 2019.  HumanaCare Service provides free, confidential support and counselling for individuals and their families experiencing work-life challenges, click here for more information.

For more information on memberperks or the benefits we offer CGSA members, please contact lmicucci [at] golfsupers [dot] com (Lori Micucci), ext. 27.