Trademark Policy

The Canadian Golf Superintendents Association’s name and logo are among the CGSA’s most valuable assets. It is therefore in the best interest of the CGSA and its members, to ensure that the name and logo are used properly. Improper use dilutes their value, and hinders the CGSA’s efforts to fulfill its mission.

  1. Use of the CGSA Name – All CGSA members are encouraged to reference themselves as CGSA members to underscore their support of the CGSA on business cards, in advertisements, in promotional brochures, letterhead, etc. Either of the following references is appropriate: “Member of the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association” or “Member of the CGSA.”
  2. Use of the CGSA Logo – CGSA members have the additional membership benefit of being able to use the CGSA logo, provided that such uses shall not indicate or imply CGSA endorsement or sponsorship of any product or service. (The actual intended use must be pre-approved. This approval can be done promptly by mailing or faxing a copy of how the logo will appear.)
  3. Infringements – Any CGSA member becoming aware of any misuse of the CGSA name and logo is requested to advise the CGSA of the circumstances. The CGSA will thereupon investigate and take appropriate measures to ensure compliance with this policy

Thank you to all CGSA members for your cooperation and support in administering this policy. Adherence to these guidelines will serve to ensure the continued value and distinction of the CGSA name and logo. If you have any questions, please call the CGSA office at 1-800-387-1056.