Compensation Survey

The CGSA Benefits & Compensation Survey

The CGSA Benefits and Compensation Survey survey results provide comparisons for most of the survey variables for five years as well as statistics on budgets (operating, equipment and capital project), superintendent demographics and a variety of compensation related factors including benefits, hours of work, bonus structure and total compensation.

The results of the 2014 Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) annual salary and benefits survey for superintendents were released this week. The results include statistics on salary, benefits, bonuses and total compensation for superintendents as well as compensation and working conditions information for other positions within the golf course management component of golf facility operations. The survey was completed by Superintendents in December of 2014 and then was compiled by the Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup) which is based in Ottawa, Ontario.

The survey was distributed to 476 superintendents and 157 responses or (33%) responded. Sixteen responses or 10.2% were from superintendents with a total compensation package of $150,000 or higher. Some questions were not answered by every respondent.

The survey national summary report provides a complete look at the survey results on a cumulative basis.  For the first time, each province and Atlantic Canada (NS, NB, PEI and NFLD) also has its own report which is a condensed version providing key data and comparisons for each specific province.  No information is presented in a manner that would allow for the identification of any individual or any golf course. All data collected for the current year is presented as both mean and median results and, because the survey is in its 15th year, five year comparisons are provided for many questions. The 42 page summary report and the applicable provincial report is provided free of charge to all CGSA superintendent members. This is a value of $295.00.

These reports are also available to purchase at a cost of:

• NATIONAL SUMMARY SURVEY REPORT:  $282.50 ($250.00 + $32.50 HST)

• ONE PROVINCIAL REPORT:  $220.35 ($195.00 + $25.35 HST)


The CGSA Salary and Benefits Survey Summary Report includes statistics on salary, benefits, bonuses and total compensation.  It compares this information based on operating budget, club type, number of rounds played annually, location, course size, the age and gender of the superintendent, years of experience, education and certification level. The summary report also compares operating, capital equipment and capital improvement budgets over a five year period and compares average superintendent salary levels as a percentage of overall budget and salary expenditures as a percentage of golf course operating budgets.

The summary report also looks at benefits coverage for superintendents in over 20 categories and provides extensive information on salary rates and benefit coverage for nine of the most common golf course management staff positions. The last section of the summary report provides detailed information on the demographics and working environment of the position of golf course equipment technician. There is now an added section which provides data on the cost to golf courses to implement government regulations that affect the golf course.

If you would like to order a copy of the NATIONAL SUMMARY SURVEY REPORT and/or PROVINCIAL REPORT(S), please click here or contact Lori Micucci by e-mail at lmicucci [at] golfsupers [dot] com or 416-626-8873, ext. 226 at the CGSA office.

The CGSA represents golf course superintendents from across Canada. Its mission is to promote and support golf superintendents. The association is also committed to environmentally sustainable practices with respect to the management of golf course properties.

For more information on the CGSA and its many initiatives, programs and services, please contact Ken Cousineau at kcousineau [at] golfsupers [dot] com or 416-626-8873, ext. 222.