Benefits of Membership

The Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) is the only national organization dedicated to promoting and supporting golf course superintendents and turfgrass specialists in Canada. There is strength in numbers; joining your professional organization is a giant step toward your growth, and the growth of the profession.

See the chart below to view the features and value of a CGSA membership and the many benefits it brings with it.

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Features and Values


CGSA Accreditation Program

  • Survey results show individuals earn more money if they are accredited
  • Increased recognition of skill set
  • Increased salary
  • Increased employment possibilities
CGSA Award Program
  • Increased exposure and awareness for you, your golf course, your profession and your association
National Tournament Program
  • Recognition of your individual achievement
  • Recognition of the value of the superintendent role to the facility
  • Recognition of the skills required to succeed in the profession
Conference and Trade Show 
  • 3 day education program
  • Specialized Learning Workshops
  •  Keynote address
  •  Trade show
  •  Networking and social events

Members save $300 off the All-Access package

  • The latest research and knowledge presented by industry experts
  • Interaction with peers, industry leaders and experts and industry related researchers and academics
  • In-depth learning opportunities specific to golf course management that are focused on issues relevant to the Canadian golf industry
  • An amazing opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones

Personal Benefits

  • RRSP Program – convenient payroll deduction and immediate tax savings
  • Group Health and Dental – offer CGSA members plans at affordable prices
  • Take advantage of group pricing
  • Flexible and comprehensive health and dental coverage – select and pay for only what you need

Communications Products

  • GreenMaster Magazine - $38 Value
  • GreenMatter News
  • On the Fringe
  • Golf Course Supply Directory
  • Unlimited Wealth of Information
  • Delivered to your desk and / or computer
  • Ready access to relevant, specialized information about the profession, the job and the industry
  • Comprehensive, regular, reliable


  • SuperSearch
  • Surveys: Compensation & Benefits and Environmental BMP- Members save between $150 - $500
  • Turf Grass Information File (TGIF) - $99 (US) value per year
  • Government Relations- Unlimited value
  • Tournament Access- Members receive grounds access to many of these National Championship Tournaments including the Canadian Open & the US Open. A minimum value of $500 for the week!
  • Notice in your e-mail or on the Member website of jobs advertised through CGSA within a few minutes of it being posted;
  • Chance to participate and be sent data from each of the two major surveys;
  • Savings of $100 annual subscription fee to access the most complete library of turf related information ever assembled;
  • Policy development and representation of the profession in a consistent, logical, reasonable and rational manner in discussions with golf and turf industry, provincial and federal governments and government agencies and other organizations

Education and Professional Development


  • Pre conference Specialized Learning Workshops- Members save $100
  • Conference Education Program- Members save $300 off the All-Access Package & $100 off the Education Package
  • Live Learning Centre (LLC) - CGSA Members and Full Delegate Conference Attendees of the (CGCMC) save between $20-$199 on Individual to Full Set Sessions. 
    CEC's available on the CGSA LLC – check often for updates.

The principle mandate of the CGSA is to provide opportunities for professional development. Theoretically, every opportunity that we offer, from Committee participation to GreenMaster magazine and from our trade show to the key note speaker at our conference, are about educating our members. Specific education programming includes seminars offered at the provincial level; webinars offered free to members, pre conference and conference education programming and access to past conference education programs through the Live Learning Centre. The benefits include:

  •  Regular, leading edge programming at a reasonable price
  •  Accessibility for all interested parties at low cost
  •  Dependable, knowledgeable, expert speakers
  •  Opportunity to develop network of industry experts and to build personal relationships
  •  Opportunity to influence subject matter and speakers
  • Superintendents can earn CECs from The Live Learning Centre.

Member Recruitment Program

The CGSA is essential to the Superintendent profession in Canada!

Our ability to be influential and reach that vision is directly related to the size of our membership.
The benefits derived for both you and your facility from being a CGSA member are far greater in value than the annual cost of membership.

Recruit a new member today and help the CGSA and a colleague to grow and be more influential.