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CGSA - Year in Review

Thank you for your tremendous support this past year; and as we begin a new year we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and reflect on 2016.

2016 marked the CGSA’s 50th Anniversary and we’d like to thank all those who assisted in making the year a success.  The year began with a successful conference in Toronto; partnering with the Ontario Golf Superintendents Association to produce an event that saw almost 600 attendees and nearly 80 different exhibitors.  A highlight of the event was the much visited CGSA Hall of Fame celebrating CGSA’s 50 years of history.

Throughout 2016 the CGSA Board of Directors vowed to increase communications with regional groups and Board members visited nearly all regions of the country sharing news of CGSA and/or making presentations.  As part of this initiative the CGSA Champions Program was introduced.  The program sees 40+ CGSA members across the country working to bring CGSA news to all areas of Canada, making it easier for CGSA to be seen and be heard.

2016 saw the CGSA enter into some more positive partnerships in order to support the provincial associations.  One strategic partnership was with the British Columbia Golf Superintendents Association.  This partnership sees combined membership invoicing for both the BCGSA and CGSA member dues making it easier for members to pay their dues.  The CGSA also partnered with the Alberta Golf Superintendents Association to conduct a seminar ahead of their Property Managers Conference this past November.  The seminar was very well attended and brought the CGSA brand to the province in a way that hasn’t been done in a number of years.

Advocacy is another top priority that the CGSA Board identified as a key component to be included in 2016.  CGSA maintains a seat at the National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA) table.  NAGA sees key staff from each national golf association discussing issues and strategies that affect the golf industry in Canada.  This year NAGA continued to lobby the government to change wording in an antiquated Income Tax Act to allow golf as a taxable business deduction.  The CGSA President and staff were on Parliament Hill for National Hill Day and met with several MP’s and key staff regarding this issue.  CGSA also supported the PMRA re-evaluation process of Iprodione and Chloranthonil by submitting its backing of the responsible use by turfgrass professionals of these chemicals.  This initiative was also supported by the National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA).

CGSA’s official publication GreenMaster was published 6 times this past year and has seen an increase in article quality and article submissions by members.  It maintains a loyal following and can be found on the desks at numerous golf maintenance facilities across Canada.

Our 50th Anniversary Fall Field Day was held at the highly regarded Royal Montreal Golf Course and featured the inaugural CGSA Provincial Challenge Cup, sponsored by Toro and won by Team Quebec.  The Fall Field Day was well attended and featured an education session that saw golf course managers learn how to delegate to maintain the facility and meet the high expectations of golfers. 

We’ve seen growth in our Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent membership categories.  Our 2017 membership dues are continuing with the lower rates that were introduced following our re-design coupled with lowered student member fees of only $35.  We continue to promote the value of being involved in the National Association.

2017 promises to be another exciting year for the CGSA.  We’re partnering with the BCGSA to host The Canadian – Set Sail for Success in Victoria this coming February/March.  The coordinating committee has taken the feedback received throughout the re-design and implemented an education program that reflects this.  CGSA has also introduced various options for our industry partners to participate, through exhibiting, sponsoring or attending. 

We’re looking forward to the inaugural Can Am Cup this coming October, where 200 CGSA and GCSAA members will have the opportunity to play two amazing golf courses in New Jersey and expand their knowledge through top notch education.

CGSA has been busy throughout this past year and we’re looking forward to continuing this into 2017; but we can’t do it alone.  The support of our current and future members as well as our industry partners and event attendees are imperative to our continued success. Each of you has been an important part of our history this past year, and we thank you.  We are looking forward to your involvement in 2017.

Should you have any questions or concerns, our staff and regional directors are always available. 

For a list of our Board of Directors, please click here:

Lori Micucci, Manager Member Services, ext 226 or lmicucci [at] golfsupers [dot] com
Kathryn Wood, CMP, Director Meetings & Professional Development, ext 223 or kwood [at] golfsupers [dot] com, direct dial 519-589-9282
Barb Manifold, Office Manager and Accounting, ext 225 or bmanifold [at] golfsupers [dot] com
Trade Show and Marketing, cgsa [at] golfsupers [dot] com