Professional Development and Research

This committee is responsible for the National Occupational Standards, the seminar and training program, the Master Superintendent and Accredited Golf Superintendent programs plus the development of new programs and manuals and for any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors.

2013/2014 Committee Members:

John Scott, Chair, Summerlea Golf & Country Club
Jim Flett (Vice-Chair) Muskoka Lakes Golf and Country Club
Rob Watson, Storey Creek Golf Club
Gerry Lettner, Selkirk College
Trevor Anderson, Surrey Golf Club
Kerry Watkins, The Glencoe Golf and Country Club
Braydon Gilbert, St. Charles Country Club
Jim McGarvey, AGS, Seymour Golf & C.C.
Bill Green,  Toronto Golf Club
Jamie Robb, Capilano Golf and Country Club
Christian Pilon (Ex-Officio), Mount Bruno Country Club

kwood [at] golfsupers [dot] com (Kathryn Wood), Staff Liaison CGSA