Equipment Technicians Advisory

The responsibilities of this committee include providing input for the conference and seminar programs, articles for GreenMaster Magazine and other CGSA publications and communication vehicles, providing and recommending content for the CGSA website on golf equipment related matters and to liaise on behalf of the CGSA with the post secondary institutions in Canada that provide an equipment technicians’ program.

2013/2014 Committee Members:

Jim Flett (Chair), Muskoka Lakes Golf & CC
Pierre Vezeau (Vice-Chair), Westfield Golf and Country Club
Dave MacIntyre, Seymour Golf & C.C.
Troy Fisher, Granite Golf Club
Ron Allen, Muskoka Lakes G & CC
Warren Wybenga, Donalda Club
Christian Pilon (Ex-Officio), Mount Bruno Country Club

kcousineau [at] golfsupers [dot] com (Ken Cousineau), Staff Liaison CGSA